Vision for a new neighbourhood

Cities and towns across the North are being revitalised as more people choose to live in urban centres.

The regeneration of Church Wharf in Bolton will create a distinctive new area of the town in an attractive riverside setting. It will include a vibrant mix of around 320 homes, offering something for all ages, alongside retail and leisure opportunities.

Outside space for people to enjoy in Bolton

Residents and visitors will be able to enjoy green, open space in a historic setting. We’re planning to improve the river setting and build a new footbridge linking the site to Bank Street, creating a place for people to relax and socialise. A walkway through a new ‘river walk’ will open up access to the river and encourage people to visit the site. Whilst developing the site, we’re looking at setting aside a temporary landscaped area which could be available for leisure and events.

A place with character

Rediscovering an underutilised place in the heart of Bolton, the plans celebrate the industrial heritage of the site creating a development full of character. The new buildings will be designed to balance the need for modern, high-quality architecture, with a historic and industrial heritage. The scheme will look to re-use existing features and buildings, maximising views of key landmarks, including two stunning churches.

The Masterplan


The plans include:

  • Up to 320 homes including townhouses and apartments, from 1 bedroom to 4 bedroom units, providing homes for young people, first-time buyers and families.
  • Commercial office buildings
  • A new hotel
  • Leisure and retail opportunities, such as a café, convenience store or bar/restaurant
  • A new footbridge into the site and walkway through a ‘river walk’
  • Landscaped public open spaces